Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tell me what cha want.

Happy Sunday!

 Its a beautiful day in Halifax! But I think our play time adventures in the commons has left me again with another sun burn, and some lovely heat stroke. I should've learned last time. Oh well.

 The Gypsies had the genius idea of doing acoustic shows in the commons on Sunday afternoons.  Its more fun than I could've imagined.  Last week they were joined by myself, and The Danger Bees. ( ) They are fantastic, and you should check them out. Also in attendance was a really nice cat, Molly. 

This week we were short one kitty, and a few dangerous bees.  But plus one talented group of brothers- Alex, and Craig Currie of Scribbler. . Also, I had a Rootbeer popsicle. That was delicious.  It should also be noted that today- June 7th. The Gypsies released their College Radio EP. Mega hits.

Trailing off... Yesterday knox road wrote a pretty lovely write up about the record that my band and I just released...

This week you can catch my band and I playing at : 
Minstrels, Halifax NS Thursday June 11th. 10pm
The Frigate, Halifax NS Friday June 12 10pm

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