Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I fell off (the wagon.)

This summer has been so lovely and busy that I haven't had time... But its been wonderful.
I just got back from a breathtaking artist retreat on Long Island here in Nova Scotia. Where I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic people, and see things that only dreams are made out of... 
Honestly, who gets to wake up in a beautiful cabin on a cliff that is lined with windows so you have a perfect view of sunset, stars, and sunrise? Or walk the ocean floor and explore caves... magical. The 190+ stairs that you have to climb to get to the island are a little tedious but they are still worth it. 
As far as performing is going- I've been busy! Some highlights include New Glasgow's Canada Day Celebrations, The Dragon Boat festival, Tunes at Noon, and taking part in Argyle Fine Art's "Off the Cuff".
This week I will be releasing my first music video. Which I'm very excited about. The launch is being held at the BEAUTIFUL gallery- Argyle Fine Art. And I can't think of a better place for it. We will have vegan cupcakes, pink lemonade, and tea for everyone. If you could dress in your best 1940's that would be perfect.. But I understand that you may not have had those clothes laying around for an odd 70 years. 
please go to : or for more information.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday. Its raining, But here are things I like.


Its cloudy, and muggy. But it is charming. Because today the only agenda I've got is scouring through a mess of my favorite internet sites while I drink this pot of coffee... From my bed.  I think my inner crazy cat lady is escaping this week in new ways- cat nap has a whole new meaning. 

So I'd like to share some beautiful things that makes this grey day a little bit more wonderful, thanks to the creative ladies that inspire me everyday.

Chara : Love, Me Boutique. This store is magic. Everything about it is relaxing and whimsy and wonderful. Please note. You can also purchase my CD there, as well as other fantastic local artists.  Some of my favorite finds from this store include my Staple Gun shirt, My Raccoon shirt, as well as gems from Pretty Raccoon Clothing, hand crafted bags, pins, jewelry, sigh...Located on Birmingham street next to Woozles ! 

Candace : Pretty Things Boutique. The lady doesn't lie. This store has been open for a year. And its shamefully taken me about that long to go in. I've walked by it often but the name seemed too much for me (and my wallet) to handle. But as soon as I walked in, It was love. I (literally) wanted everything in the store. Its a girly paradise in there. I will own it all. I will. . .It is rare that in one visit someone can be lucky enough to buy a zebra print skirt AND a cheetah print dress. Located on Cunard/ North Park. 

ETSY. I don't know where to start. Okay, maybe I do! 
Sarah Bennetto O'Brien.  etsy account : Benny and The Jets. 
This girl, mega talent. Not only am I lucky enough to have her as a dear friend, and work with her (she has madz skills in the kitchen) she is a super talent when it comes to finding things old and making them new. I was first impressed by the way she can take a scratched up record and paint beautiful detail on it, then she starts amazing me with her jewelry. She shapes vinyl to make stunning neck-wear, and ear-ware. She has started experimenting with guitar strings and I am too excited to see what she comes up with next. 

Shannon Webb-Campbell. Photographer/ Journalist. You probably recognize this name from The Coast... But you may or may not know about her beautiful blog. Which I have found myself frequenting . The photography is fantastic, and if you are ever feeling down on this awesome city (say maybe when its been raining for 3 days....) this is sure to give you the positive outlook you need.

Argyle fine Art! Adriana is a creative beauty. She has the heart and the brain the size of a gold mine. This art gallery is coming up with creative new ways to draw people in and work their eyes. Check out the website for really special upcoming events.  Such as : In gallery concerts, fashion shows, and bus trips to islands for special music and relaxation! (Seriously, I kid you not.) 

And Lastly, Please go to my hair dresser... Kevan Bish proprietor of The Swanki Guru. 
The salon is located at in Purdys Tower.  The first thing you will note when entering Swanki is that you will not be blasted by the normal scents of a salon.  You will be greeted by the soft smells of citrus, tea tree, peppermint, earl grey tea... and an amazingly charming staff. Kevan's experience is what brought me to the salon.  But its his intuitiveness as an artist and his hand made shampoos and conditioners that made me hooked. His website is still in the works. 

The photo is from the set of the video shoot for "Sweeter Than" Photo credit : Melissa Richards. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tell me what cha want.

Happy Sunday!

 Its a beautiful day in Halifax! But I think our play time adventures in the commons has left me again with another sun burn, and some lovely heat stroke. I should've learned last time. Oh well.

 The Gypsies had the genius idea of doing acoustic shows in the commons on Sunday afternoons.  Its more fun than I could've imagined.  Last week they were joined by myself, and The Danger Bees. ( ) They are fantastic, and you should check them out. Also in attendance was a really nice cat, Molly. 

This week we were short one kitty, and a few dangerous bees.  But plus one talented group of brothers- Alex, and Craig Currie of Scribbler. . Also, I had a Rootbeer popsicle. That was delicious.  It should also be noted that today- June 7th. The Gypsies released their College Radio EP. Mega hits.

Trailing off... Yesterday knox road wrote a pretty lovely write up about the record that my band and I just released...

This week you can catch my band and I playing at : 
Minstrels, Halifax NS Thursday June 11th. 10pm
The Frigate, Halifax NS Friday June 12 10pm

Friday, June 5, 2009

is this real life?

Take two cats at breakfast and one at dinner.

When people ask me how to make their day better. That is my response.

I spend most of my free time watching videos of cats. Or hanging out with my cat. I seem to be in good spirits most of the time, I think this works. Some videos of cats that I recommend are ...

If you time these well, you should get through today just fine.

Tonight I am playing at Grand Parade on Barrington street here in Halifax. Its part of the Amnesty Internationals Canadian Conference. Should be a fun show!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Is What's up.

Its a hazy Thursday here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And I find myself with a daunting plate of. . . not cupcakes. But work.
Its always better to be busy than not. However, most days I just want to drink coffee and listen to Jerry Lee Lewis. If you forgot, he is still the man.

This is the birth of Cupcake Records.

This is where you can find information about things I love, which maybe you will love too. Or maybe you will like. Or maybe you might try to work it out, but it might not be worth it. And in that case, I’m okay with it too.