Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I fell off (the wagon.)

This summer has been so lovely and busy that I haven't had time... But its been wonderful.
I just got back from a breathtaking artist retreat on Long Island here in Nova Scotia. Where I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic people, and see things that only dreams are made out of... 
Honestly, who gets to wake up in a beautiful cabin on a cliff that is lined with windows so you have a perfect view of sunset, stars, and sunrise? Or walk the ocean floor and explore caves... magical. The 190+ stairs that you have to climb to get to the island are a little tedious but they are still worth it. 
As far as performing is going- I've been busy! Some highlights include New Glasgow's Canada Day Celebrations, The Dragon Boat festival, Tunes at Noon, and taking part in Argyle Fine Art's "Off the Cuff".
This week I will be releasing my first music video. Which I'm very excited about. The launch is being held at the BEAUTIFUL gallery- Argyle Fine Art. And I can't think of a better place for it. We will have vegan cupcakes, pink lemonade, and tea for everyone. If you could dress in your best 1940's that would be perfect.. But I understand that you may not have had those clothes laying around for an odd 70 years. 
please go to : or for more information.

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